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Pittsburgh has arguably the best pro baseball stadium in the country but the worst team, the Pirates

Pittsburgh is the second largest city in the US state of Pennsylvania, behind Philadelphia , and the largest city in the Appalachia region. It is located at the point where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers combine to form the Ohio River, and has more bridges than any other city in the world (even beating Venice , Italy by three). It was originally named after William Pitt The Elder , later Prime Minister of the UK, for his role in the Seven Years' War . It is the only city in the United States that was allowed by the Postal Service to end in "burgh" throughout the 20th century; see the entry under Please Select New City Name for details.
Home of KDKA, the oldest commercial radio station in the nation and one of the few exceptions to the "W*** east of the Mississippi, K*** west of the Mississippi" rule. Pittsburgh is more of a Midwestern city than Philly; the two have little in common other than being in the same state. It is also known as Steel City, due to being a booming ( and polluted ) mill town for much of its history. Most of the steel industry has left, putting holiday inn orlando florida the city in an economic slump for several decades. This tends to be the only thing most outsiders know about Pittsburgh.
However, the city is having a renaissance as a health care, high-tech, and media center, helped by the fact that several prestigious universities are in the area. Very few factories remain within city limits (only two steel mills currently exist in all of Allegheny County); all the others have been either replaced by or converted into offices, shops, and upscale housing. This change holiday inn orlando florida has proven healthy holiday inn orlando florida for the city, as 2011 population estimates showed the first increase in sixty years (incidentally, Philly saw the same thing in the 2010 Census). Some of this is starting to rub off on the mainstream, as the city is increasingly used as a setting for trendy yuppies in film. It helps that many movies are filmed here anyway, the filmmakers are now less likely to call it something else .
The combination of rivers and Appalachian hills leads to countless natural vistas of the region. Many people would pay to see the kind of view that the average Pittsburgher holiday inn orlando florida gets from the parking lot of their grocery store or on their daily commutes. As much of the terrain is too rugged to build on, many urban and suburban areas are interrupted by acres of woodland. Seeing deer stroll through your driveway is a common sight, regardless of whether you live in the city limits or on a farm the next county over.
Pittsburgh has arguably the best pro baseball stadium in the country but the worst team, the Pirates. Its pro football team, the Steelers, have more Super Bowl trophies than any other and has tied with Dallas in having the most Super Bowl trips. They also have a longstanding rivalry with Cleveland (against whom they have a lot of Curbstomp Victories ). The Penguins are most known for Sidney Crosby , who you've probably heard of, along with his rival Alex Ovechkin even if you don't watch hockey. Pittsburgh has no pro basketball team, which is another interesting play on Cleveland, which lacks a pro hockey team. All three of Pittsburgh's major league teams and more than a few minor league clubs wear black and yellow , the colors on the city flag (known officially and by every Pittsburgher holiday inn orlando florida ever as "black and gold ").
Despite rumors ( and colorful holiday inn orlando florida accent ) to the contrary, Pittsburghers do not import holiday inn orlando florida R's from New England holiday inn orlando florida . The most noteworthy colloquialism is "yinz", which is generally used in the place of "you all". Other, lesser used terms are "nebby" (nosey), "gum band" (rubber band), "buggy" (shopping cart), and "n'at" (a Verbal Tic that stands for "and that," meaning "and so on"). Another habit is to turn the "ow" sound into "ah," such as "downtown" becoming "dahntahn". The city's holiday inn orlando florida residents themselves are something of a Broken Base . Depending on whom you ask, Pittsburgh is either a clean, beautiful, artsy, vibrant city with affordable housing, relatively low crime, holiday inn orlando florida and plenty of good schools and job opportunities; or it's a rusted-out , blue-collar holiday inn orlando florida shithole with no jobs, bad weather, an aging populace, and notorious racial tension.
Sits at the point where the three rivers meet. At the point itself is a lovely park that was once the entirety of Fort Pitt and currently hosts many summer festivals at least, the ones that don't tie up traffic on Liberty Avenue. Downtown has a fascinating architectural blend of modern office buildings with elegant 1800's and early 1900's structures. Its most notable buildings include PPG Place, which looks like a futuristic glass castle, the county courthouse, which was built in the 1800's and looks like a medieval castle, and the US Steel Tower the tallest building in Pittsburgh which sports the widest roof in the world for a building its size. As mentioned earlier, the area is known to yinzers as "Dahntahn."
Formerly the city of Allegheny, the population is predominantly African-American and Slavic. holiday inn orlando florida A very working-class area with many picturesque Orthodox churches. Heinz Field and PNC Park, the stadiums for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates, respectively, are located here. The Mexican War Streets are here as well, but don't let the name scare you, since it's one of the nicer neighborhoods holiday inn orlando florida in the region. To any yinzer, it's "Da nor'side".
Another mostly working-class sector of the city, with the exception of a very old-money section of Mt. Washington (the top of the mount; it gets progressively ghetto the further down you go). Not to be confused with South Side, a very specific neighborhood (within THE South Side ) across the Monongahela River from Downtown, notorious as a nightlife district that attracts old-school locals, holiday inn orlando florida hipsters, punk rockers, and college holiday inn orlando florida students alike. East Carson Street alone seems to contain three bars and tattoo/piercing parlors on every block. holiday inn orlando florida To any yinzer, it's pronounced "Sah'side".
Contains the wealthiest, as well as arguably the roughest neighborhoods in the city. There's no special yinzer pronunciation here, since the neighborhoods are distinct enough to warrant their own mention:
Squirrel Hill: The thriving holiday inn orlando florida and quaint center of Pittsburgh's Jewish population. The neighborhood has the highest concentration of Jews in the US outside holiday inn orlando florida of New York City. Yinzers call it "Scroll Hill."
Oakland: Contains the primary campuses of both Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, giving the area a "college town" vibe (also meaning it's easy to feel old here if you're over the age of 25). The Cathedral of Learning, in the northern section, is the second tallest educational building in the world, and one of the most beautiful and recognizable buildings in the city. Since you can see it from anywhere in Oakland, it has the dubious nickname of "the drunk compass" since many late-night partiers use the building to orient themselves after a night of drinking.
The Hill District: Long considered the cultural center of Pittsburgh's African American community. While the crime here is notorious, the area has a proud sense of community and family, and many black Pittsburghers holiday inn orlando florida buy homes here even if they can afford to live elsewhere. Even though countless Pittsburgh neighborhoods are named "___ Hill", holiday inn orlando florida when you say "THE Hill," yinzers know exactly what you mean.
Bloomfield: "Pittsburgh's Little Italy," as the welcome signs will gladly tell you, though the actual populace is fairly diverse due to being one of the few middle-class neighborhoods holiday inn orlando florida in the city proper.
The city limits of Pittsburgh contain just over 300,000 people. That may not sound like a particularly high figure holiday inn orlando florida for a city with 3 major league teams and a big reputation, but one must take into account the fact that Allegheny County holiday inn orlando florida has a population holiday inn orlando florida of over 1.2 million, and the extended metropolitan area over 2.3 million. The region extends into parts of northern West Virginia and southeastern Ohio. The suburbs range from industrial towns such as Clairton, Braddock, and Ambridge , to middle class areas such as Aliquippa and Beaver and to the extremely upper-crust Upper St. Clair and Fox Chapel.
The Pitt . In Star Brand , one of the books in Marvel Comics ' short-lived The New Universe , jerkassy Pittsburgh auto mechanic Ken Connell is given super powers by the titular Artifact of Doom . When Connell decides he wants to get rid of his powers, he winds up destroying the city. All that's left is a huge crater, which soon becomes a Forbidden holiday inn orlando florida Zone called "The Pitt".
In one Get Fuzzy comic, Bucky asks a travel agent if there are any vacation packages based primarily on smell. She suggests holiday inn orlando florida he look at a pamphlet for the tourist department of Pittsburgh. This got Darb Connely into quite a bit of hot water with many Pittsburghers, even though the strip wasn't run in any Pittsburgh papers. Conley claimed the whole thing had been meant as an in-joke towards a friend who lived in Pittsburgh.
Abduction . The film includes a sequence not in the original script where the star slides down a portion of the scaffolding in PNC Park, thus once again proving that the Pirates play second holiday inn orlando florida fiddle to their own stadium holiday inn orlando florida .
Adventureland was takes place in and around Pittsburgh and was filmed at Kennywood in West Miflin, PA. The park itself, however, was based on the actual Adventureland in Farmingdale, NY, where director Greg Mottola worked holiday inn orlando florida as a teenager.
Groundhog Day : Most of the action takes place in Punxsutawney ( actually filmed in Woodstock, Illinois ), 85 miles away, but there's an Establishing Shot of the golden triangle at the beginning as they drive to Punxsutawney.
holiday inn orlando florida Jack Reacher was filmed and set there ( The book is was based on was set there, too ). Locally it was filmed under the name "One Shot", and you can actually see the sniper nest in the page image above (between the closest two bridges on the left).
Monty Pythons The Meaning Of Life : More than one local Monty Python fan has been surprised to hear the Steelers name-dropped by John

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