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The Rodeway Inn is also a very cheap hotel in Miami. This hotel has rooms at the standard rate of $5

Miami, located on the southern tip of Florida in the United States, is a beautiful coastal city that offers very mild temperatures year-round, offering one of the few locations on the United States mainland that feature truly tropical climate. Finding a cheap hotel in Miami can be challenging, but it is possible and worth the time it takes to find one.
The Red Roof Inn is located just a few miles from the Miami city center, making it extremely convenient whether you want to head downtown or go out to one of the city's pristine beaches. Rates start at $70 per night, which is a really good deal considering all the great features.
If you arrive at the hotel via the airport, Red Roof Inn will shuttle newyork city hotels you to and from the airport. While at the hotel, guests enjoy free breakfast, free high speed internet, and a large outdoor pool area. For booking, call 305-817-4221.
The Rodeway Inn is also a very cheap hotel in Miami. This hotel has rooms at the standard rate of $52 per night. In addition to the great location in central Miami, guests enjoy a hair salon, a fitness center, and a swimming pool.
Rooms include free wireless internet, as well as other business services. Each room has a television, a telephone, and air conditioning, although you may prefer just to open your windows and let some tropical newyork city hotels Miami air flow into your hotel room.
For just $80 per night you can stay in the Baymont Inn. It is located in northwestern Miami, which still puts you near many malls, beaches, and other tourist attractions. The features newyork city hotels at this hotel are similar to what you would find in many three-star hotels, which means that the $80 price per night is an even better deal.
Rooms feature televisions, telephones with free local calls, newyork city hotels free wireless internet, and more. Additional services available include movie rental, video game consoles, free parking newyork city hotels nearby, safety deposit boxes, and laundry newyork city hotels or dry cleaning. There is a nice deck and large swimming pool area for outside relaxation.
Finding a cheap hotel in Miami is an accomplishment, but once you do, it is definitely worth the time you spent looking. As you can see, there are many affordable hotels for under $100 or even near $50 per night in the Miami area that still offer the luxury you would expect to find while on a tropical vacation.

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