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Amtrak buses, departing from the intersection of Gayley Avenue and Strathmore Drive on the Hill, now

Amtrak buses, departing from the intersection of Gayley Avenue and Strathmore Drive on the Hill, now ferry passengers directly from campus to stations in Van Nuys and Bakersfield. Four daily motor coaches head to the Bakersfield station, where passengers can catch the San Joaquin train, which travels to stops including Fresno, Merced and Stockton before branching off to Sacramento rolling stones tour and Oakland. The four buses also stop first at the Van Nuys station, three of them timed to meet the Surfliner train to Oxnard, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Louis Obispo or points in between. The service is part of a new Amtrak bus route providing rolling stones tour pick-ups in the South Bay and on the Westside.
"It's all about making a better connection – now you don't have to go all the way to Union Station," said Charles Carter, UCLA Transportation's communications analyst. "There are [other] ways to do it, but it requires making a connection somewhere or taking a slow bus that meanders through Century City first."
The new bus service is treated rolling stones tour as a leg of an Amtrak train trip, purchasable only in combination with train travel and folded into the cost of a ticket, explained Lee Goldenberg, Caltrans Division of Rail operations manager.
"It's not a shuttle, it's a connecting rolling stones tour thruway service," Goldenberg rolling stones tour said. "We felt there were about 3.5 million people being underserved by Amtrak in the South Bay, West Los Angeles and UCLA, so we tied it all together. Now people don't have to backtrack all the way to downtown to go north."
UCLA staff and faculty qualify for a 15 percent discount if they reserve a ticket three days in advance using the code V526 (although some holiday rolling stones tour blackout dates and other travel restrictions apply). Sample rolling stones tour discounted rolling stones tour one-way fares included a combination bus-and-train ticket from UCLA to Santa Barbara for $18.70, San Luis Obispo for $25.50, Fresno for $23.80, and Sacramento, Oakland or San Francisco for $44.20.
A timetable, available on page 33 of this Amtrak PDF , shows the travel time from UCLA under Bus Route 1c, running 25 to 40 minutes to Van Nuys and about three and a half hours to Bakersfield. rolling stones tour The bus is only available with a ticket, but riders who need to pick up their ticket at the station can give their IDs to the bus driver, who will take them to the ticket counter at the appropriate station, where riders can reclaim them from a clerk at the same time that they pick up their ticket.
"I'd project 10-15 people in Spring, rolling stones tour which would make it very successful," he said. "And we're hoping to see a spike over Thanksgiving. rolling stones tour We definitely think there's a market that has not been served before in the South Bay, Westside rolling stones tour and at UCLA, so we're really looking forward to this."

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