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In the latest case of careless driving involving a tourist, a 36-year-old Chinese man was charged wi

Figures from the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) were released yesterday amid calls for greater safety measures after a spate of fatal crashes and arrests for careless driving hampton inn savannah involving tourists this year. Between 2005 and 2014, foreign licence holders hampton inn savannah were at fault or partly at fault in 85.3 per cent of all crashes they were involved hampton inn savannah in on New Zealand roads, and in the South Island that figure climbed to 87.5 per cent. Associate transport minister Craig Foss said yesterday that he had asked officials to fast-track work to implement more rumble strips, signage and improve lay-bys and hasten a research programme into visiting drivers, launched last April.
In the latest case of careless driving involving a tourist, a 36-year-old Chinese man was charged with dangerous driving after crossing the centre line and forcing two oncoming drivers to take evasive action near Queenstown. Another hampton inn savannah Chinese driver, aged 42, was fined and had his rental contract cancelled after he drove the wrong way around two roundabouts in Frankton on Tuesday.
The Rental Vehicle Association endorsed the "shared information network", involving 20 rental firms in the resort town, which would ensure people who had vehicles taken off them could not "go down the road and rent another", chief executive Barry Kidd said.
The embassy had been supporting a Chinese man charged with dangerous driving causing death after a crash that killed five-year-old Ruby Marris near Moeraki hampton inn savannah on Saturday, hampton inn savannah and wanted to "express our condolences to the families".
Li said most Chinese tourists were "qualified" drivers. "It's understandable that some local Kiwis feel very angry about such dangerous driving, but we want to do everything we can to improve the driving behaviour."
"I would like to see some form of pre-testing before they rent a car or drive on New Zealand roads," he said. "I think overseas roads by and large are of a much better standard. The standard in New Zealand is far too lax."
It was frustrating people were dying due to reckless hampton inn savannah driving by foreigners more than two years since his father was killed by a Chinese national who had been in the country for only a few days, he said.

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