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After learning about the incident, Hong Kong's Immigration Department said it had contacted the Offi

After learning about the incident, Hong Kong's Immigration Department said it had contacted the Office of the Commissioner of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong, as well as the Chinese embassy in Christchurch for more details.
"We have been in contact with the family members of the victims and will offer assistance in accordance with their requests," a department spokesman said. He said the department would stay in touch with the victims' families and the authorities.
The two couples were part of a nine-person tour group travelling in two vehicles when the accident occurred at the intersection of State Highway 6 and State Highway 8A, south of Wanaka, on Thursday afternoon.
You have miss read the article. It simply says police set up a road block. This is nowhere by the accident. As this happened on a corner with fire engines and emergency crews and the rental car hit a large trunk with a trailer. Where is that in the photo? The photo is very misleading. Hong Kong people are killed on New Zealand roads almost on a monthly basis. Asians in rental cars kill New Zealanders and themselves. The last Hong Kong person killed on the road in NZ was only 3 weeks before this. Hong Kong people must be very careful when visiting NZ. There is a big back lash about bad driving with the police taking the keys off many Asian drivers as they are so bad and NZ people are lobbying the government to ban the rental car companies renting to Asians. It is a big issue in New Zealand.
I don't understand how that picture of heavily-armed guards help us to understand accommodation in holiday homes in tuscany villas the story better. If I had not read the comments and re-read the caption I would have thought that's how New Zealand respond to a car accident.
accommodation in holiday homes in tuscany villas Quite clearly the armed officer in the above photo is not at the scene of the accident. This image is from another event entirely. The accident (as shown in other media images) occurred in an entirely different looking scene. This pairing of a random photo plucked from an image bank with the story is quite irresponsible and journalist Clifford So should be ashamed of himself. The picture does not tell the truth. Just reminds us to only believe limited amounts of what we read in the press.

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