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[ ] Bliss post is the lastest in my Las Vegas travel guide. You can read all about Las Vegas Eats, L

Have you been to Las Vegas? It seems to be a polarizing destination: people either love it or hate it. It s an entertainment hub jam-packed with hotels, casinos, concerts, conventions, shows, restaurants, and brand name shopping, all in one tiny compact area.
I m in the middle camp; it s not the first place I would choose to spend my vacation money, but it s so close to us, and the flights from Portland to Vegas are inexpensive enough that it makes it a viable spot for a quick girls trip or weekend away with the hubby every few years or so.
In 2014, a record 41.1 million people mansfield hotel new york visited Las Vegas . I was one of them. Along with two girlfriends, we enjoyed a 3-day girls weekend trip to Las Vegas my first trip back in over a decade. The one thing that you can always say about Vegas: the more things change here, the more they stay the same.
Earlier, I kicked off my Las Vegas Travel Guide with a write-up about my visit to BLVD Cocktail Company  (and an awesome private cocktail lesson from Master Mixologist Juyoung Kang). In the next few travel posts, I ll be sharing a look at Las Vegas hotels, restaurants, and shows.
Ask for hotel recommendations in Las Vegas, and you ll get a huge list of almost every kind of hotel imaginable. You can stay on the strip or off the strip; at family-friendly resorts or adults-only hotels; at low budget accommodations or high-end luxury travel spots. Whatever your wallet will allow, Vegas will gladly accommodate. And with more than 150,000 hotel rooms available throughout this compact entertainment center, it s also a hub for more than 22,000 conventions each year. So be sure to plan ahead when possible for the best deals; but also know that it s a city where it s fairly easy to secure a last-minute hotel room.
One of the weirdest things about Vegas to me is the odd fascination with replicating popular attractions in other cities. You can visit the Eiffel Tower, go for a gondola ride in Venice, and pretend mansfield hotel new york you re walking along the banks of Lake Como at the Bellagio.
The Bellagio has a gorgeous mansfield hotel new york Chihuly ceiling display. Being a Pacific NW native mansfield hotel new york and general lover of colorful, creative art, I m a huge Chihuly fan. I could have sat and stared at this ceiling for a while.
What helps The Cosmopolitan stand out in a sea of luxury Las Vegas Hotels is the modern, chic decor, mansfield hotel new york and the smart use of space. mansfield hotel new york Many of the 2,995 hotels rooms have terraces. The suite my girlfriends and I stayed in included a wrap-around terrace, with incredible views of the strip and the city.
The rooms are quiet, large, and a comfortable home away from home. Upon entering our suite, mansfield hotel new york we were greeted by an entryway of full-length mirrors (so as to check yo self before you wreck yo self when you head out on the town), and a stylish hallway bathroom with large shower.
With 14 restaurants and bars located within The Cosmopolitan, you could choose to dine in the hotel for all of your meals if you wanted. One note: the Vesper Bar located next to the hotel lobby, while a stunningly designed bar and they serve delicious mansfield hotel new york drinks, is the place we received the worst service I have ever received at any bar.
We sat down and the waitress pointedly ignored us for 15 minutes. She wasn t busy at all. She took a full 2 minutes to straighten up a chair directly mansfield hotel new york across from us while we stared at her. My tip: order directly at the bar, and then find a seat. The Longest Goodbye is a divine cocktail at the Vesper bar, and it was a great drink to both start off and end our Las Vegas trip (once we finally ordered mansfield hotel new york from the bartender).
We also enjoyed a nice meal at D.O.C.G., as well as The Henry, which I will share more info photos in an upcoming post. Each of the restaurants offers a different type of cuisine and a different type of dining experience. If you re not sure where to start, the concierge is very helpful in helping to guide you to the right restaurant for each occasion.
Like many of the larger Las Vegas hotels, you could easily get lost in The Cosmopolitan. Toward the end of our 3-day weekend, we discovered the hallways that link the hotel suites with the meeting rooms. If you re looking for a quiet spot during your Las Vegas adventure, this is it. Get away from the elbow jostling on the Strip and walk leisurely down these hallways mansfield hotel new york while taking in the art.
If you re brave, you can hop into the art itself (don t worry: I got permission from a Cosmopolitan staffer walking by). And by brave, I mean: it wasn t until I was climbing mansfield hotel new york out of the shoe sculpture that I thought about how many drunken characters must have climbed in and out of that same shoe over the years. . . ;)
There are also a number of fantastic shops in The Cosmopolitan, including an All Saints store. If I were a gambling gal, I would have tried to win enough money to buy out the majority of the store, which sells gorgeous, minimalist stylish clothing and accessories for men and women.
And of course, there are the casinos located on the main floor. I m not a gambler by any means, which may be part of the reason I m not enamored by Las Vegas, but there s no shortage of gambling options within the walls of The Cosmopolitan.  Overall, I really enjoyed our stay at The Cosmopolitan, and would highly recommend it. The accommodations are plush and provide sweet comfort after a long day and night walking, eating, drinking, exploring. The price is higher than the average Las Vegas hotel ($111 is the current average night s stay in Vegas), but if you are going to go to Vegas with a group of girlfriends, I highly recommend booking a larger suite at The Cosmopolitan. It s very affordable when you split it between 3-5 people.
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I love all the sparkly you captured in Vegas! I guess great minds think alike in that we are both covering Vegas on our blogs! It s true that the mini-Europe doesn t feel like the real thing, but it s a close enough mansfield hotel new york facsimile mansfield hotel new york like going to a restaurant might be to at least give a taste. One thing that seemed to work in Vegas and Europe for me was really sore feet from a lot of walking
That hotel sounds totally fabulous!! I ve been to Vegas a few times including as a kid and for work, so I ve never really had the true Vegas experience, mansfield hotel new york and not sure I d like it! But the glam is fun for a weekend!
mansfield hotel new york [ ] Bliss post is the lastest in my Las Vegas travel guide. You can read all about Las Vegas Eats, Las Vegas Hotels, and a great Las Vegas cocktail experience. When in Vegas, you also MUST go to a show at [ ]
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