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Don't know that my original comment fabout the prospect of SOTP 3 rom 6-8 months ago has really chan

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We re a little behind the curve on this one but I only found last week that Alloy Entertainment has started development on Sisterhood Everlasting , the final book in Anne Brashares Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series. The first movie, starring the oh-so-hot foursome of Alexis Bledel (our Rory Gilmore) , Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia) , America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) and Blake Lively the old mill inn and spa toronto restaurant (Gossip Girl) was released in 2005, its sequel in 2008. This next one is set ten years later , when the girls have naturally gone their separate ways.
In the book, Carmen (the character played by America Ferrera in the previous movies) is now a successful New York actress and engaged. Bridget (Blake Lively) is living in San Francisco with her long time boyfriend. the old mill inn and spa toronto restaurant Lena (Alexis Bledel) is taking solace in her art and teaching in Rhode Island, but daydreams about what might have been with Kostos. Tibby (Amber Tamblyn) sends them all plane tickets to reunite with probably life-changing consequences.
As we know, these girls have been BFFs  since the first movie and if schedules allow, I m sure they d love to get paid to hang out for a few weeks. The real question is whether that pair of jeans has enough fairy dust to still fit anyone ten years later. I mean, really.
Any big Travelling Pants fans out there? Wouldn t it be cool to see these gals together on the big screen again, as grown-ups?   Did you think the original cast was well-cast?   Any cynical nonplussers want to weigh in on how the movies didn t live up to the books or vice-versa?
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Apologies, glitch in the matrix meant no Comment-y bit after original publication. Thanks Mcityrk for the heads up. I was going to copy your comment over but I d have to forge your handwriting, which seems awfully rude.
Don’t know that my original comment fabout the prospect of SOTP 3 rom 6-8 months ago has really changed. Still would want to read the source material as the sequel was weaker than the initial movie and they shifted quite a few things around and clearly rushed that project [AT complained loudly about this after the fact]. Kind of makes it a bit tricky for the original the old mill inn and spa toronto restaurant author to write a book 5 just to make a movie unless this has been accounted for.
It of course would be crazy to make a third movie unless they had the buy in from all four principals and a storyline that was interesting and not just routine. The description here kind of stikes me as ‘meh’, though the old mill inn and spa toronto restaurant I suppose a short description of the first movie might have sounded that way as well. All comes down to execution and to whether the sisters storylines [separate or together] are fun and not cluttered with filler like the second movie. I thought several of the extras from the second movie were way better or more necessary to plot description than a lot of the sements in the actual movie.
You have to remember that the first two movies were trying the cover three or four books, so what seemed like filler was actually backstory. I ve read all of the books, and I definitely think that there s enough depth to the final book to have a good movie without much clutter.
Thank you saharasiren! You ve whetted my appetite for a third movie. If this was a highbrow blog we d equate the sadly lost pants to the girls farewell to innocence and youth but instead we wonder if there was a matching jean jacket that was evil.
I read the first four books as well and my specific objection the old mill inn and spa toronto restaurant was they significantly changed the backstory for Bridget and filled it with pablum, sanitized Lena s backstory the old mill inn and spa toronto restaurant with the artist, overempasized Carmen s theater backstory which I found the least interesting the old mill inn and spa toronto restaurant of the subplots, and only inserted Lena s little sister to trigger the loss of the pants and the reunion of the girls in Greece after totally ignoring Effie in the first movie.
Re-watched the first one last night. I think the casting was spot on. Alexis is amazing in her role, suitably chaste. Blake nails the carefree attitude but has weird arms when she runs. And she runs a lot. America Ferreira is the heart of the movie and displays real range. And Amber is great as the tomboy who gets softened up. It s a nice coming of age movie with a unique conceit. A sequel set ten years later would be apt, since the first one was about life experiences changing you and getting older. What else has happened in the intervening the old mill inn and spa toronto restaurant years, how else have they changed and tantalisingly, how have they stayed the same?
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