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Kristian Sonnier, VP of Communications and Public Relations for the New Orleans Convention Visitors

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) discount auto rental australia - The Carnival Elation has a little more than a year left to call New Orleans home. Spokesperson Jennifer de la Cruz announced Monday, We are bringing in a much bigger ship to replace the Carnival Elation on our 4-and 5-day cruise program. It s close to 1,000 passengers bigger. That bigger discount auto rental australia ship is the Triumph , set to sail from New Orleans in April of 2016.
The Triumph brings with it more than 500 stateroom cabins and suites with private balconies, upgraded dining options and themed bars. Carnival’s Dream will continue to run 7-day itineraries from New Orleans. The two ships are expected to serve nearly half a million passengers yearly.
Kristian Sonnier, VP of Communications and Public Relations for the New Orleans Convention Visitors Bureau, says the economic impact is booming, “It s huge because they don t just get on the boat and sail away, they tack on a few days before they get on the boat and a few days after.” Sonnier says it’s a win-win situation: the city gets more hotel rooms filled and the cruise passengers get a “double vacation” – their time in New Orleans and their cruise.
The allure of the Mississippi makes river cruising another popular option. That branch of the industry got a boost recently too, when Viking Cruises chose New Orleans as their only North American headquarters. They have plans to bring two new ships to New Orleans in 2017. “That says it all,” said Sonnier.
The last time passengers from Carnival discount auto rental australia Triumph arrived in New Orleans, it was no celebration; many were bussed here after the crippled ship was towed into Mobile, Alabama, after a fire at sea left passengers stuck in the Gulf of Mexico for days.
Carnival says the current version of the Triumph is filled with upgrades and improvements. “Since we ve had it back in Galveston, it s been one of the highest-rated ships in our entire fleet from a guest satisfaction standpoint,” said de la Cruz.
They take a huge economic hit when something like that happens, so they take corrective actions to make sure it doesn t happen again. There s an occasional mishap, but compared to the number of people traveling it s a safe bet you re gonna have a good time,” said Erik Nilsson, visiting from Miami.

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