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Trains are great in some places, especially where you have large traditionally-patterned cities like

It was lost in Wednesday's shuffle singlehanded cruising yachts of Supreme Court arguments , Senate Republicans' failure to override President Obama's veto of the Keystone singlehanded cruising yachts XL bill, and the latest appalling revelations out of Ferguson, but once again, Democrats were the grown-ups in the House:
For the second time in a week , Democrats were completely united in keeping critical public services up and running. And once again, proved that Democrats are the only ones interested in governing. You're singlehanded cruising yachts welcome, Mr. Speaker.
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If the Dems keep Amtrak afloat for another couple of years, hopefully it will be a part of a large jobs bill. It would be so nice for the US to join at least the latter part of the 20th century with our mass transit rail service.
Trains are great in some places, especially where you have large traditionally-patterned cities like New York, Chicago and San Francisco. Perfect places for 19th Century tech like trains -- especially those that have been breathed upon to gain some speed. I would think Houston-Dallas, Los Angeles-San Francisco and few other city pairs could support high speed rail.
And the 21st century is seeing a return to dense urban development singlehanded cruising yachts along with a generation that is increasingly favoring other forms of transportation to driving cars. We could continue to plan based on 20th century assumptions, singlehanded cruising yachts or we could think about other ways to move from one place to another.
that use wind--ones where the hull itself is a sail, giant catamarans, etc. Without the enormous cost of fuel, shipping can continue to be economically valid, and less fuel=less pollution. singlehanded cruising yachts Hopefully manufacturers will take the new reality seriously.
keep coming along every few years there is a place for the new self driving technology there too. The problem is cost the fact that our Middle singlehanded cruising yachts Class is voting itself out of existence. singlehanded cruising yachts The little drones singlehanded cruising yachts might pave the way for the technology but Americans will never be able to buy enough flying cars to be a viable business while the 1%ers have a stranglehold on the nation's wealth.
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How about infrastructure improvements to existing rail so that there's more than one freaking bridge linking the entire Northeast Corridor? Or one pair of tunnels into New York City from New Jersey, for that matter? A proposal for the latter was killed by Chris Christie . Because why should we spend cheap money (thanks to low-interest loans) on something so plebian as passenger rail?
country, just waiting to be beefed up enough to take modern levels of traffic! That would be JOBS, and also INFRASTRUCTURE, and fairly carbon neutral, moreso as time and technology continue to develop!
My grandson is a train driver in SoCal, from Bakersfield to the Antelope Valley over the Tehachapi mountains.....the route is the one with the complete circle where a very long train actually goes over it's other end. For some reason freight trains get the right of way on the coastal rail route and passenger trains are never on time because they have to wait on a siding. What's singlehanded cruising yachts needed is double track all the way to make it competitive with driving, or even bus riding (although we don't even have a bus station in our town any more....have to go to the next town over and then come back past "us"!) And to get from Los Angeles to the San Joaquin Valley, there's no train....take a bus to Bakersfield to get on a train!
can move vast tonnage freight singlehanded cruising yachts like modern trains. Four or five locomotives at 5000 horsepower each is a lot of raw power. The trucks can't even get close to the efficiency of those huge trains. singlehanded cruising yachts Trucks are only really good at short to moderate range freight. Many trains singlehanded cruising yachts are a mile or more long. The passenger business singlehanded cruising yachts is difficult to integrate with the bread butter freight business. The railroads were built on vast giveaway land grant programs but the nation eventually got back it's investment with interest. America has really neglected the railroads eliminated most bus service in the 70's. Who knows how much longer plain folks can support a car with the massive theft of the nation's wealth by the 1%ers.
The original ARC project called for new tunnels under the Hudson River directly connected to Penn Station. The project Christie cancelled would have provided tunnels to a stub-end station underneath Macy's singlehanded cruising yachts basement" that only NJ Transit trains could use.
The original ARC project also included a direct underground rail link between Penn and Grand Central stations that would have allowed METRO North, NJ Transit and LIRR commuter trains to transport passengers through Manhattan Island and into each others service area. This would have improved service flexibility and reduced time now wasted by reversing singlehanded cruising yachts trains within Penn and Grand Central stations.
The multiple agencies affected by this proposal -- NJT, LIRR, Metro-North Amtrak and the NYNJ Port Authority -- allowed their individual agency desires to trump the needs of the entire New York metro area, so NJT took over and proposed it selfish singlehanded cruising yachts fix that Christie vetoed for the wrong reasons.
the folks on either coast (or all of them if you prefer), but it means a bunch to folks like me who live in the flyover states. I'd love to be able to get on a train and travel, rather singlehanded cruising yachts than taking a plane, especially for short trips. singlehanded cruising yachts It takes the same amount of time to fly from Wichita, KS to San Francisco, CA as it does to fly to St. Louis, MO.
A train trip to St. Louis from Wichita is about the same amount of time as a flight, but to go to San Fran (Fisherman's Wharf, specifically) is 31 hours, two train changes and one bus trip; and is three times the price. At least. Of course, it also includes meals and a sleeper car, something that isn't exactly available on planes, much as we would like it. ;)
of the public transit options the coasts have. I lived in New York City one summer (or on Long Island and in Brooklyn, and worked in Manhattan), and was amazed singlehanded cruising yachts and tickled that I could do without a car entirely.
I'd pay more for the middle of the continent to run more rail interconnects. I'd love a 200MPH+ train to take under a day NY/CA, making maybe 5 1h stops (for transfers or for lunch) along the way, sleeping car a little singlehanded cruising yachts extra. I don't see why that couldn't cost under $1000, and regional rail fares under $0.10:mi interconnecting the cities between the 5 express stops. It's a matter of scale economies, and a national rail system has that.
Amtrak FY2014 ticket revenues were $2.189B, for 30.9M rides, for over 7B passenger miles . Plus about $1.4B Federal subsidy. That's about $0.31:mi tickets, $0.51:mi including subsidy, about 40% subsidy.
I think investing another $100B in highspeed for the network I described would be worth it, getting the scale up, getting ridership above 50% capacity, and getting the fares I described. Why should Eurasia have all the fun?
Heck, I would imagine that most of the longer route passenger singlehanded cruising yachts trains have dining cars attached; the Amtrak from Newton, KS to St. Louis, MO has one, and that's a fairly short trip. The price of dining is included in sleeper singlehanded cruising yachts berths, and you can buy dinner in coach.
While I know that there won't ever be any sort of public transport between, say, my home town and the city I work in (short of a complete change in infrastructure or economy), it would be very nice to be able to drive an hour, park my car, get on a train and take the train to the Gulf Coast or to San Antonio. That's not currently possible; I can go to Chicago, or to LA, but not directly south. I'd have to take two bus rides between trains.
HSR in other countries when competing against airlines going to the same destination, has made airlines 1st cutback service on that route and then 2nd cancel where they could not compete against HSR, which is better for US, old mother earth and our atmosphere, not to mention not getting the x-rays dosage

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