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..looks like a lesson to anyone planning to go racing old racecars are a tough sell, and none toughe

Seller Submission: Two Nissan Sentra SE-R Race Cars | Bring a Trailer Auctions Submit a Vehicle Get the Email Log In Register Categories Search GET THE BaT DAILY EMAIL CURRENT BaT AUCTIONS Current Bid: $9,999 Ends in: Current Bid: $1,500 Ends in: Current Bid: $18,000 Ends in: Current Bid: $2,000 montreal downtown discount hotel Ends in: Current Bid: $9,400 Ends in: Current Bid: $11,750 Ends in: Current Bid: $6,000 Ends in: Current Bid: $35,250 Ends in: Current Bid: $11,500 Ends in: Current Bid: $24,000 Ends in: List Your Car on B a T RECENT POSTS Single Family 1965 Ford Mustang 289 Running Project: 1967 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint Ex-Monte Carlo Historique: 1965 Renault Caravelle Rally Car Funky Mode: 1990 Toyota Sera Virgil White Snowmobile: 1919 Ford Model T CATEGORIES Under $20k Race Car Project Truck 4 4 Success Stories Event Coverage See Where They Rust Whatzit? Motorcycles BaT Exclusives ORIGIN American British French German Italian Japanese Spanish montreal downtown discount hotel Swedish Advertise on BaT July 2, 2013 Japanese montreal downtown discount hotel / Race Car / Under $20k | 64 Comments Seller Submission: Two Nissan Sentra SE-R Race Cars
Says the seller: Engineered and built by the Le Mans and Daytona winning Multimatic Motorsports and campaigned by Mike Johnson of MTV Real World fame, these 2002 Nissan Sentra SE-Rs boast fine engineering and are offered with a substantial spares package.
Describe the body condition: montreal downtown discount hotel Both cars have clearly seen little competition and have always been stored inside. Body panels are generally straight and clean, and the paint on both cars is in solid condition.
Describe the mechanical condition:  The number nine car appears montreal downtown discount hotel to sit complete with four-cylinder engine and transmission in place while the number eight car is a roller with its powertrain and wiring harness removed but included. Chassis undersides are clean and straight and the visible bolt heads and castings appear nearly new.
What makes this car special?  This is an opportunity to purchase 2 well-developed race cars with interesting history and a mountain of spares for a fraction of the original $200,000 development cost. Flip the spare parts, sell a car, build a killer track day car, or start a race team the possibilities are great.
As the person listing these cars for sale I m happy to answer any questions you have or show the cars in person. We re a Porsche race team and just want the garage space for the Porsche projects that are arriving daily. Thanks to BAT and the BAT community for all of the attention and insight. 0 Flag as not constructive montreal downtown discount hotel Jul 3 at 8:09 PM Tom12000
My thought is to sell the running car, run a lightly modded engine in the spare and sell of any remaining trick bits. As mentioned it might be possible to get the investment down to a few grand or less
lemons has allowed deducting for parts you sell off from the car i.e. seats, airbag act.. with this lot you could likely sell off one car and most of the spares and get down to the $500 limit. We ve been racing a nx2000 for three years now and it s always in the top five at some point during the race weekend :) damn fine cars and a hell of a deal 0 Flag as not constructive Jul 3 at 2:20 PM Brian M
..looks like a lesson to anyone planning to go racing old racecars are a tough sell, and none tougher than old 4 door sedan racecars, just like in collectible montreal downtown discount hotel cars. Very few enthusiasts want to trailer unglamorous compacts to trackdays, no matter how many obscure class victories they once achieved. Despite the recent resurgence of trackday intrest, most want to drive the car there and back anyway, and with no mention of titles, this may not be possible here. 0 Flag as not constructive Jul 3 at 6:57 AM Geo
BS on the B13 SE-R having torque steer. I had a 91 SE-R street car with a 200bhp engine (true hp, not Stillen hp) and had no torque steer. I raced a 92 SE-R in SCCA IT and it did not have torque steer. We now have a 91 SE-R we are racing in LeMons montreal downtown discount hotel and it does not have torque steer.
Y know y know, if I had the garage space and the time (never heard THAT line, huh) I d grab this deal, have two really fun cars that I could rent out for track days, sell off a few of the goodies, and probably montreal downtown discount hotel have all my money back within 20 rentals, even including the gas and tires
My wife had an 91 when we first met,she just got it for the larger motor and had no idea about the close ratio trans, LSD and sweet driving engine, as most people did not know about it either .never forget her face when I spooled it up and showed what it could really do. Mirrors would start to fold in @ 125mph I remember.I miss that car 0 Flag as not constructive Jul 2 at 5:57 PM Nader
Could all this really be just $15K? Really? Would the parts alone be worth it? Doing the math in my head. I guess this is really worth almost nothing. Wow. Probably somebody out there with a plan, some money and space. 0 Flag as not constructive Jul 2 at 4:45 PM Dan
@2050-Z montreal downtown discount hotel re waiting montreal downtown discount hotel for a B13 SE-R on BaT: You and me, both! Can t help notice that 510s make in, Zs make it in, even Datsun 1200s and pickups make it in. The classic SE-R, not so much. It s true that 99.999 percent of the 91-94 Sentra SE-Rs have been thrashed pretty hard. But there are rare exceptions. I ve submitted a few, but I guess the competition was too stiff on those days. 0 Flag as not constructive Jul 2 at 3:22 PM Frank Barrett
That sure is a good deal. As someone else noted these cars have SR20 engines in place of the original QR25 motors, or else they were built from 2000-2001 SR-powered Sentra SEs and updated to look like 2002-03 SE-Rs.
You could sell enough parts to get back most of your initial investment and build a turbo SR20 to slot in the remaining car instant time attack machine. Or slightly detune the engine and have a track day car that will live just about forever. 0 Flag as not constructive Jul 2 at 2:26 PM jboat49
Wow, if these cars are as built in 2002 there in no doubt in my mind the cost was 200K. There is nothing but the top of the line pieces uses and the workmanship and pep looks fantastic. Plus they look like they have been vey lightly used. Heck you have 6K just in the 25 BBS wheel and the plastic boxes. These have to be two of the best and cleanest true race cars I can recall on Bat, especially at a price like this. With identical degree of prep and equipment , iIf the emblems said BMW instead of Nissan the price would be 4 times this and the cars wouldn t be any faster. And I race BMWs. These cars should be raced as is and NOT parted out as there is too much craftsmanship in them. 0 Flag as not constructive Jul 2 at 1:33 PM Varjak
Very cool. You and your best friend montreal downtown discount hotel can have your own little race series. They also might be cool for one of these country club tracks to buy and offer as member rentals. Fun, but relatively cheap to maintain.
Was Mike Johnson on the year that it was Real World London? I admit to watching that year (and a couple of years before that; but not since then). I remember he was trying to break into F1 at the time. The only other thing I can remember was he fit the Ugly American stereotype very well. He basically subsisted on peanut butter, some sugary cereal (can t recall which), and ranch dressing. 0 Flag as not constructive Jul 2 at 1:20 PM 2050-Z
Go have a cage built today (not by the muffler shop). There is $10K in cages right there alone. I m already committed to my current race car. But if I were looking, this would be a steal of a deal. 0 Flag as not constructive Jul 2 at 12:35 PM Marko
These would make some sort of long term financial sense, if either Sentra SE-R race cars turn to gold later on, or these particular cars had some sort of competition success that will be highly valued someday, or the series it competed in becomes something special to be remembered. (Cases in point, Boss 302 Mustang-Trans Am-George montreal downtown discount hotel Follmer, or Mazda RX7-IMSA GTU-Tom Kendall). Sadly, I don t think these will come close to any of those targets.
Still, lots of stuff for the money, could be a lot of fun to use up on the racetrack, montreal downtown discount hotel and since when did racing make any sort of real world financial sense whatsoever? Just keep in mind that if you decide montreal downtown discount hotel to flip these, for any reason, good luck being on the other side of this deal. And no street car pretentions, I would guess these cars have no titles, and they are for competition purposes only. 0 Flag as not constructive Jul 2 at 9:16 AM Shourican
..trying to make the numbers add up in Grand Am style racing is a futile task, even for casual aficionados of the game. It is a weird mix of factory front and back door equipment, montreal downtown discount hotel rich amateurs with arms length sponsorship deals, and a hard core of pro journeymen drivers, all run by veteran team outfits that need to somehow make a profit in a sport with little or no prize money available. Throw in the odd Hollywood star and a few cable personalities and it becomes mildly marketable to sports TV networks montreal downtown discount hotel and eligible for support race status at big league events. ..as @bryan mentions, the 200 grand figure is probably an understatement. But that money was spent long ago, and sponsor help for 11 year old sedans is a pipe dream. Won t be too long before some vintage classes will be available, assuming these have logbooks. Titleability possibilities are vague, but this is still a hell of a bargain, and probably negotiable. 0 Flag as not constructive Jul 2 at 8:42 AM Gord
Good value here. Multimatic builds top shelf stuff and the 200G is either low or spot on for 2 cars with spares. 15k for the pair is likely about what they are worth sadly. Race cars at this level are never a good investment. These would be fun though and never worth much less than they are now. 0 Flag as not constructive Jul 2 at 8:28 AM CharlesM3
Interesting stuff, and i think that the seller didn´t want to put to much information in his ad, keeping out the guys who anyway would not buy. being interested, with a simple contact you get all the information needed, and some of it has been written down here in the comments. Why allways montreal downtown discount hotel that negative, if

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