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Gave up on Europe until next year...BEST HINT: travel off season. Europe plans leaving after Sept 1

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Can anyone provide me with information about travel organizations for senior citizen single travelers? Recently widowed I would love to travel, but fear that I would be a 3rd wheel at a dinner table on a cruise. I would love to know of any travel groups that specialize in world travel for people my age, over 65! Thanks for any help you can provide.
First off, let me say that I am sorry for your recent loss. There are many people that travel alone so you would not be the only one doing so. However, If I were in your shoes, I would feel more comfortable being part of a group vs traveling alone. nashville hotel resaervations My husband and I cruise frequently and there have been many occasions when our dinner companions have been single/widowed and traveling alone. nashville hotel resaervations There has never been an issue w/ anyone being uncomfortable nashville hotel resaervations sitting w/ a group and feeling like a 3rd wheel. Everyone gets to participate in the dinner nashville hotel resaervations conversation so it doesn't really matter unless it makes you feel uncomfortable. However, if you were cruising you would pay the same rate for your cabin as a single vs a couple. If this is something you think you might be interested in check out a few cruise lines and itineries to see where you might like to travel. Doing a European cruise would give you the opportunity to mingle and meet others in your age bracket. There are so many activities onboard a ship that you would not feel as alone as you think. There are book clubs, nashville hotel resaervations cards, lectures, etc. onboard a ship.
If this is not something you are interested in, then look for a travel group such as those mentioned in the above website. My sister is a widow and when we travel we invite her to go with us. Sometimes she has a friend that will accompany her but she has traveled alone with my husband and I.
I am sorry to hear about your loss, however, no reason not to travel! I know one recently widowed woman who has been doing a lot of Rick Steves' tours. I am divorced, nashville hotel resaervations not widowed, and a senior, and I travel independently. nashville hotel resaervations Perhaps you don't want to start out on solo trips, but do bear the possibility in mind.
However, I don't cruise. That's largely because I get bored on boats, and hate the idea of arriving in an interesting town with hundreds or thousands of other cruisers just for a few hours, but also because of the extra cost of cruising solo. You also need to watch out for single supplements if you take tours.
My single retired nashville hotel resaervations friend travels every year with Elderhostel (renamed recently). Her groups are always nicely mixed. She's been all kinds of interesting places. I've encouraged her to travel nashville hotel resaervations solo, but she is more comfortable going with a group. I think Rick Steves is another good suggestion.
Thank you all, first for the great information nashville hotel resaervations you have imparted, secondly for your very kind and thoughtful sentiments. I will consider all of your advice and look forward to investigating further the above-mentioned sites.
I too was widowed 7 years ago.My husband and I took lovely trips each year. Many times we would see a single nashville hotel resaervations person dining alone and we would ask if they would like to join us. It usually turned into a lovely evening for us and the new friend we met.
My father was recently widowed three years ago and he and my mother travelled nashville hotel resaervations all the time. He is looking to go on a nice trip, but would like to go with a senior nashville hotel resaervations travel group. Thank you for posting this information.
Well, I get encourage to explore myself! thank you! I really going to try, however, also want, last try, to find a TRAVEL ROOMMATE, means, to share cabin in a cruise, to pay base in double occupancy, I have in mind a cruise in May Barcelone to Venice or Venice/ Barcelone, 12 days, I will prefer a lady, but if respectful nashville hotel resaervations person, can be a decent man...please no think weird things, nashville hotel resaervations I am decent lady 56, looking for a travel roommate is all...if nashville hotel resaervations interested let me know ASP to discuss conditions,THANK YOU! Irna.
donna - sorry for your loss. You don't give your age, but once you get past the under-35 age band, there is not much aimed at a specific age group, aside from what is now Road Scholars (US), and Saga (UK). If you want to go with a group, more important to look at the size of group, reputation and destination. If you are reasonably active Rick Steves is a reasonable nashville hotel resaervations starting point for Europe. If you have lots of money you might look at Tauck.
nashville hotel resaervations I am trying to put together a low to medium budget trip to Australia. I am single female hoping to find others going. I am mostly interested in the east coast. Tentative dates are 9/3/13 Sydney arrival, 10/1/13 Sydney to Aukland, a cruise around NZ, maybe, 10/15/13 back to Sydney and then to DFW (USA) and home, Pensacola, FL . I"ve not booked the flights, yet, but have all the dates, times, and flight numbers. Ordered books hoping they will help me. Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated
Sunshyn - I am a widowed Senior lady very interested in exploring beautiful Australia. And hopefully, not totally alone - I found your post on Fodor's and thought I would respond to your inquiry. I would be interested in working with you for this adventurous nashville hotel resaervations trip. It appears you have worked diligently on the trip details - what do you need to confirm the trip? more folks to commit maybe? maybe we could make arrangements to work out the details in some other forum.
I have been a senior single for a number of yrs. If I am going half way around the world I plan at least 4 to 6 wks because I am an EXPLORER! Last big trip was to the UK, England, Ireland Scotland nashville hotel resaervations by myself I felt completely safe traveling public transport renting a vehicle for over 6 wks...but what has gone on in the world the last few yrs talking to friends from Germany, decided I don't want to travel especially EUROPE or Australian on my own any longer. However trying to find a "like" explorer with the time money to "play it by ear" the energy has gotten really hard. And yes, I have explored all the website mentioned. Thought I had a friend that talked nashville hotel resaervations about Europe but his idea (and he has never travel outside the US) was 14 day tour sooo....
Gave up on Europe until next year...BEST HINT: travel off season. Europe plans leaving after Sept 1 back by Nov 1 at latest for ski season. Yes, I am an avid skier skied Austria New Zealand but WHISTLER is my winter home, so if you want to visit, catch me here. In the meantime, Australian, at least a month, is on my Bucket List too. Anyone interested, lets start planning now!
You claim to be an "EXPLORER" (in caps no less!) and don't want to travel on your own in Europe and Australia? Come on! Hard to think of anywhere more safe. I (senior, female) spent two months traveling solo in South America last year, public transport and a few flights, if you're an "EXPLORER" what does that make me?
Why on earth not? I personally travel nashville hotel resaervations to Europe almost exclusively on my own - partly because I have more disposable nashville hotel resaervations income and free time than many of my friends, but also because i enjoy solo travel, and not having to answer to others.

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