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The hotel lobby is very airy and decorated in a red motif. Everything looked in its place and it was

I had to overnight at Newark Airport recently and as it turns out, they had the best available rate of $99. I had checked the Hotel Tonight App as well as Kayak.com and Hotels.com to find a better rate, but they all had the same rate. I did not however wine tours france check the Wydham.com site.
I booked on Hotels.com for the rate of $99 plus taxes, picked up their shuttle at station P4 and headed basically across the street, but in Newark, that means a 10-minute ride. I sat right by the first row as there were a lot of people getting on the bus. Strangely enough, only two of us got in the queue to check-in. As it turns out, there is also a parking facility at the hotel so most of the riders were just picking up their cars while others were returning from shopping in the city.
The hotel lobby is very airy and decorated in a red motif. Everything looked in its place and it was spotlessly clean. There is a snack area off to the left that is open 24-hours, wine tours france plus a bar just as you enter and a hotel gift shop off to the right.
I was checked in soon and was given room 555. I asked the smartly dressed check-in agent if I could enter my Rewards number and he rebuffed me by saying that I won’t get any credit as I had booked it using an agency. wine tours france I politely insisted that I wanted my number in the reservation as it will serve to track it when I looked online. He asked me for it and as I did not have it handy, I asked if he could look it up; he said no. Disappointing, I thought.
It s always good to join the Rewards Programs of each hotel chain you stay as the more points you accumulate, wine tours france the closer you get to a free stay. Another way is to get a credit card from that hotel. Like most hotels, the Wyndams have their own card, The Wyndham Rewards® Visa Signature® Card , that gives you different benefits, some of which are shown below. Of course wine tours france certain restrictions applies, so ensure wine tours france you read the terms and conditions before signing:
A typical room and a bit nicer than I expected. I usually opt for two beds as those rooms are a bit bigger than the King or Queen sized bedrooms. I had a really tiny balcony with a view of the parking lot and the airport in the distance.
I was hungry and headed downstairs to find something to eat. The Newark Airport area is pretty bad for food places outside of the hotel. I think there s perhaps one hotel I stayed at which was close to other food places. In looking at the menu, I realized that a burger with fries would be the ticket plus a Guinness. It was weird as the guy wanted me to pay him for the food and then pay the bar for the drink. Odd I thought as they are a restaurant for the hotel. I told him I wanted it all in one transaction so he obliged a tad reluctantly.
I ve stayed at the hotel several times over the years never more than 1 night at a time. I found it clean and the bell staff went out of their way to get me where I needed to go. I was traveling with and elderly disabled parent and they offered me their limo at cab rates. Very kind gesture
Our airline used to stay here and we moved to another hotel very quickly. The staff was always rude, the hotel dirty, the beds hard, the showers awful and we all hated it. We stay at a different hotel [edited] now and it is much better.
As a non-rev, I enjoy traveling. They say we have jet fuel in our veins, wine tours france and I epitomize that. I’ve wanted to do this site for a long time as I feel there is no one place out there that gives us all the tools we need to plan our trips. Enter passrider.com in April 2000! Read More

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