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The following table shows the five most and the five least expensive U.S. destinations in which to r

ORLANDO, FL - Nowhere in the United States is renting a car more affordable than in Orlando. That's the finding of a new survey that compared hotels near denver airport 50 US destinations based on their car rental rates over the past 12 months.
In Orlando, Florida, travelers had to pay an average of just $25 per day to rent the cheapest available car during the past year. About 200% more expensive, on the other hand, was New York City, where the most affordable rental car did cost $76 on average. That figure hotels near denver airport made NYC the costliest U.S. city in which to rent a car.
The other Floridian destinations considered by the survey were also rather affordable. In Fort Lauderdale and Tampa, for instance the average rate was just one dollar higher than in Orlando. Meanwhile in Miami, the least expensive car cost $31 daily, and in West Palm Beach the price was $38 per day. In Jacksonville, rental cars were a bit pricier at an average of $45 per day. This price tag made Jacksonville the costliest city in Florida but only 24th most expensive nationwide.
The following table shows the five most and the five least expensive U.S. destinations in which to rent a car. The dollar figures shown reflect the average daily rate for the cheapest available car in each city over the past 12 months. Each respective city's airport was chosen hotels near denver airport as the Pick Up and Drop Off location.
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